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Project Harmony expert training professionals are uniquely qualified to provide data-backed education and innovative prevention resources for the community.

The Project Harmony Training Institute offers a variety of trainings that will provide awareness, generate learning, or build skills dependent upon your need. Project Harmony prides itself on a focus to the mission of ending child abuse and a dedication to our core values: collaboration, innovation, and integrity. The Project Harmony Training Institute strives to integrate these core values in our daily work.


Trainings continue to be dynamic, thought provoking, interactive and of the highest quality. The training team collaborates with more than 50 people/entities a year to deliver training to our partners and the community.

We are proud to have worked with judges, county attorneys, therapists, Health and Human Services, Nebraska Families Collaborative, law enforcement, and other community professionals and providers. This collaboration has allowed us to enhance our own knowledge on various subject matters, but has also enabled us to present information from experts in their assorted fields.

Project Harmony has strengthened our partnership with the public school systems. With the inception of the Connections program—whose focus is on prevention for our school-aged children through eighth grade—schools have realized there is a greater need to understand how trauma effects children, families and themselves. We are now consistently providing training in schools to facilitate this understanding and help identify ways by which they can mitigate difficult situations.

The Training Institute has entered into partnerships that we believe can change the trajectory for many children and families, for example:

  • Project Harmony, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, Region 6 Behavioral Health, and the Nebraska Resource Project for Vulnerable Young Children came together to support the delivery of child-parent psychotherapy training to 40 existing therapists across the state of Nebraska to help build capacity in the area of infant mental health.
  • Project Harmony partnered with Creighton University and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, School of Psychiatry to deliver training to psychiatry students that will help them with assessing trauma and engaging families. Through both didactic and interactive learning the students:
    • Increased their awareness of the impact of child abuse and neglect and other traumatic events on child development and family functioning;
    • Were taught skills needed to engage children and families and their caregivers in trauma assessment and treatment.
  • Project Harmony began a partnership to develop and deliver training to all Department of Health and Human Services staff across the state who will implementing “alternative response” practices, a variance to the traditional response families receive when a call has been placed to the child protective services hotline.  The focus of the this three day training will promote social work at its finest through teaching child welfare workers how to:
    • Partner with families through empathy and engagement;
    • Understand and build upon protective factors within individual families; and
    • Deliver the framework of alternative response through:
      • Definition
      • Family planning, and
      • Supervision.


We continue to deliver all of our long-established trainings with tremendous professional and community response, and have envisioned new and enhanced trainings that take the participant beyond awareness and into skill building and mastery in order to strengthen both process and practice in our professional workforce.

Our state-of-the-art theatre space and technology help facilitate experiential and distance learning critical to the day to day work and overall philosophy of how we all should work with families and our professional partners.


Project Harmony continues to be looked to as an authority in various areas of training content and provision. We are sought out by universities, school districts, churches, children and youth programs, and more, to both develop and deliver trainings.

We continue to educate ourselves so that information provided is current and forward thinking. We are bound to and serve the mission of Project Harmony through our training, advocacy and partnerships in the community.

We call upon each of you to Be Someone in the life of a child.

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I recently attended the Testifying Training course. Since that class I have been subpoenaed three times, and I had to testify at each hearing. Without this class I would have been less than prepared and too nervous to be credible. Thank you so much!

- Jenny Lewis

Nick demonstrated how one person could impact a huge group of student nurses by just attending his presentation. He gave me the reason, the courage to act, and the knowledge how to save victims that I will face in my future nursing career.

- Anonymous

At our last D2 Center Board meeting, I was describing the training and professional development we provide for our staff. At the top of the list was Project Harmony. Please know that you are providing an invaluable service to nonprofits in our community.

- Greg Emmel

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Project Harmony for planning and delivering professional development to our 70 counselors, social workers and community counselors. We feel fortunate to have such a valuable resource in our community to partner with.

- Millard Public Schools

Thank you so much for coming to Children’s and speaking to our staff. Your talk on “Understanding Poverty” was excellent, and I could see “wheels turning” as some staff members commented on simple ways their interactions might make a difference for children and parents.

- Patty Carrell, CMSW

I was able to shadow Mr. Nick Zadina. He was in charge of dealing with abused kids and help them. I am thankful to know all the information I learned during shadowing because it was eye opening.

- UNMC High School Alliance Program – Student Journal

You are part of the solution.

The cycle of abuse does not have to continue, but we can’t end it alone. Anyone has the power to be someone who makes our community a safe place for all children.

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