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Nebraska: 1 (800) 652-1999
Iowa: 1 (800) 362-2178

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Together, we can end child abuse.

Every child deserves to grow up safe, happy and healthy. We’re boldly focused on ending the cycle of child abuse and neglect in our community.

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One child. One voice.
One vision.

We’ve reimagined how communities can come together, by leveraging resources to respond to, treat and ultimately prevent child abuse.

Our collaborative team of law enforcement, social services, medical and referral professionals is dedicated to protecting and supporting children each and every day.

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Our Impact

We’re making a difference one child at a time.

Project Harmony strives to help every child who walks through our doors find healing and the courage to use their voice.

Below is data from 2020. We served 4,541 children, which includes response and preventative services.

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Empowering the Community

Your support sets children on a new course toward healing and hope. Join us at an upcoming training or event to get involved!

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Attend one of our upcoming events to help support Project Harmony in its mission.

Upcoming Trainings

We offer specialized training so our community feels competent and confident when working with children and families.

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Consider gifting an item from our Wish List to a child in immediate need of refuge at our Triage Center.

You are part of the solution.

The cycle of abuse does not have to continue, but we can’t end it alone. Anyone has the power to be someone who makes our community a safe place for all children.

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